A daylight simulator for fish tank, completely adjustable to any biotope. Can produce Kelvin colors, as well as RGB colors. I've done this project twice. In 2014, with an Arduino and a LED PWM dimmer shield. Today, LED's with the 2812 protocol become more popular, as they have their own PMW dimmer for every single led. You can control hundreds of LED's without an extra shield. The program on the Arduino Mega can handle both systems, and with a little tweak every RGB LED driver with the capability of being controlled by an Arduino will work.


For almost 10 years now I have a small fish tank (60 liter / 16 gallon) on the place where once my TV stood. No bad deal as the TV was never used, and "the big dark square" caused by it was not an asset to my interior. The tank has a couple of small fish and shrimps. And lots of snails. For the lightning, I switched from tubes to white LED's and finally RGB LED's. The reason? This system offers me "a different kind of view" almost every (couple of) hour. The color of light can quite change the view, as some colors let things light up, as other colors just ignore them. The spider wood -brown- does not stand out in the regular daylight (6500 K), but when the light gets warmer (yellow - red) it takes a key role in the tank.

People who like it, can try to rebuild this project. It's much cheaper than the light computers sold in shops. Depending on your choices, you can calculate the possible amount of money needed on the third page. The page before (actually the next page right now) contains some information on LED's, and I may say those were learning points for me. 


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