My setup

This version of the daylight sim uses the next parts:

  • Three meters of RGB LED strip with the 2812 protocol (5 V)
  • One OLED screen (I2C 12864, 0.96 inch)
  • A push button

I use an Arduino Mega, but it will work with other ones or even clones. There is only one restriction: your board needs to have an I2C bus (on the Mega pin 20/21) to use the OLED.

The wiring is shown below, but only the I2C is critical.




connect oled arduino

connect pushbutton arduino







The LED strips get power from both sides of the strip, and the data line is wired like a snake. All LED's behind each other, no serial connections. (important!) The pushbutton needs a pulldown resistor to the ground, I use a 10K resistor, which works fine.

As I wanted to hide al Tec stuff, I made a remote with only the pushbutton and the OLED in a small case with 50 cm of cable. I have used an old PC cable from some device with 6 wires in it. So, the button and the OLED (7 wires together) share their +5 V. That seems to work. In the past, I had troubles with an LCD-screen and a shared ground. For me that's the reason to try to avoid sharing grounds.






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